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Spaz Cupid Daniel Guldkrans Agent -t- Imperator Pandafox Sense Tanis Zone Xerud Samurai Redzone Le Sergeant Compyx Krazy Rex Facet Carnera Antor Ice Made Helrizer ES Jou-Nan Chen Deekay Dim Sparta mOdmate Desire Fade One Flotsam Sim1 Moondog Elf Marc Rosocha Grazey Ozymandias Manikin Pursy xIII Aleksi Eeben Igor Dominion FAA Jacky Speedlight Lowlife Spiral Vic Shadowmaster Mic Lord Ray Larabie Nobody Magnum Mark Coleman MacDos Senser Ollie Speed Demon Lancelot Ccr Jerom Procyon Matt Slime phygorax Miguel Hernandez Chris Sawyer Cliff Bleszinski Walt John Cumming Red Stigels Mick North Star Equinox THUG Inc. Buch Codex 2005 Tuf Quetzalcoatl Ludug Master Matt Sephton Cougar Viper Jovis Kim Buker Chansler Rack Duel Connor Monte Carlos Geir Straume Slaxx Smiley Fieserwolf ST Survivor Skywalker Black Sky TRS Crit Offset Yolan MoN WTE Nik Blade Mo Warden Axelsoft Woz MC Laser dynaCore Raist Bingo Vixen Slaine Homeboy Wayne Arise Xenit Uno Navy Chrome Zebra MeatBall Ace Stingray JSF Polux Source Ratman Lanch Seen Cobra Groxy Anders Ekstrom Roy Zaborak Focus m0dmate Spy Phalanx Marvel Frodo Monopoly Sector 9 Slash Renker Hof Mad Butcher A.D. Zappy Johnny Turbo The Pride Phan Alta Manar Nick23 Deus Triatian Time Thrust Pippin Sonic JMS Bugbear Rick Oxar Bod Paranoid Denthor Clasch Dan Striper Dust Israel Prrak PMA Agro Zin Rock Lobster Lucifer Fraxion Inquisitor Bizox Panic Apollyon Bridgeclaw Deflector Cmr Tai-Pan Designer Asia Inc. Daryl Orcslayer Turbo Violence Defcon 5 Galdor Darry Booper Human Double Trouble Uncle Evil Stick The Master Dieu Mat Mad Epsilon Ioda MR40 TPD Megadeth Diesel Nic Blagger Charon Spike Headhunter Goldevil Aces Xytar Dr. Death Zanac Raven Griff Phygorax
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General discussion to the website. Please, keep it to the point, within laws, and be kind. Thank you.

2022-01-25 02:28:19 0admin

Some stats:
- just surpassed 15K tags
- 5,745 designating tags for 5,673 fonts (101.27%)
- all fonts with at least one tag
- each initial letter/digit has at least 58 fonts, the most numerous is 's' (483)
- 6,850 or (120.75%) external links but unevenly distributed
- some fonts have as much as 13 external links
- on the other side, 1,546 fonts have no external links (good portion of them mine)
- 1,108 tags identifying artists (19.5%)
- 49.66% of fonts monospaced, 50.34% proportional
- average font file size is 22.6kB, while the median is about 9kB
- most common font size is... 5kB (827), 4kB (586), 3kB (407), 6kB (250), 9kB (218), 10kB (215)...

2022-01-21 19:03:01 0admin

@Josephkex Thank you. Appreaciated.

2022-01-21 08:03:45 1Josephkex

I just want to say thank you for this great website. I found a solution here on for my issue.

2022-01-03 06:42:19 0Kevinreame

Hello. And Bye.

2021-12-25 18:39:20 0admin

I renamed the "desert-twilight" tag to ?tag=desert-chrome because (as I've found out) the latter is more commonly used.

2021-12-19 16:30:48 0mojoheadz

This is unexpected fire!...

2021-12-12 04:58:32 0Malcolmunpap

Hello. And Bye.

2021-12-07 02:47:47 0admin

I made a simple experimental parametrical font generator ( for anyone to try out). If interested, tell me what you think.
edit 2021-12-15: vertical color fades added

2021-10-11 19:50:58 0Davidbleah

Hello guys. And Bye.

neversurrenderboys ;)

2021-09-29 16:50:58 0admin

Every initial letter/digit has now at least 50 fonts.

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