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color tint spacing zoomaccolade

characters: 53
line height: 50
size over: -47
size under: 3
size inner: -47
add space: 2
palette colors: 6
monospace: no
views: 1816 (42th)
views/day: 0.50
created: 2011-06-28
downloads: 141
colors: 6
total pixels: 72,292
rating: not yet rated
color statistics
colorpixelsused in characters

font file: size 72.7 kB, last modified 2021-04-28, download
version 1.1
version 1.2
tags: game, blue

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You can type your own text and get it drawn by the current font as a picture. You can download that picture (the usual way, via the right click on the generated picture).

You can even download the font itself, but notice it has is own format (that is neither a picture nor a vector font) which cannot be opened just "out of the box" from your computer – you'd need one of the tools that you can find the the support section.

We tend to categorize the bytemap fonts here by tags, try to credits graphic artist who drawed them (all where known) and add link to other sources (either in a form of a picture or a program, game or demoscene production in which the font was used) – all to your convenience.

Discussion to the font

2008-09-15 19:37:45 0admin

english, please?

2008-04-11 16:25:45 0engin

hac&#305; şaban mah.tarih sok no:10 türkiye/konya

2005-01-03 20:03:52 0esjohn


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