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color tint spacing zoomari14

characters: 96
line height: 20
size over: -14
size under: 6
size inner: -10
add space: 0
palette colors: 31
monospace: no
views: 1041
views/day: 0.16
created: 2004-01-22
downloads: 131
colors: 31
total pixels: 10,319
rating: not yet rated
color statistics
colorpixelsused in characters
04176!"#$%&()*+/0123456789:;<=>?@ABCDEFGHJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^`abcdefghijkmnopqrstuvwxyz{}~ #127
1194$%&()*,/0123456789;@ABCDJKMOQRSVWXZ\^abcdeghkmnopqsuvwxyz{}~ #127
2140$%&()/23456789<>@ABCDJKMNOQRSUVWXYZ\`abdeghkmopqsuwxyz{}~ #127
3127#$%(),235689;?@ACDGKMNOQRSVWXYZ^abcdegkmpquvwy{}~ #127
685#%&*/02456789<>?@ACDGKMPRSVWZ\`abcdeghjknopqstuvy #127
882#$%&()69<>@ABCGMOQRSVWZabdgkopqrswxy~ #127
1060#$012357<>@ABCDGNOQRUWXY`pqsvw{}~ #127
1271#%&()03467@ACDGJKMQRSUVWZacgmswyz #127
1371#$&(),/15679;<>@ABCDMNOQSUVWZ\aegksuw #127
1451#%&()579?@ACJKMNOQSUVWY^psvwyz~ #127
1561#%&()/34567@ACGKMNQSWYZ\bdegmnqsvwy~ #127
1793#%&()*156789<>?@ABKMRSVWYZabcehkopqswxyz} #127
1880"#$%&*/135689@ABDGMNRSVWXYZ\abcdghkmouvw{} #127
1983"#$%&'*/013456789<>?@ABDGKMPRSVWZ\bcdfmnpqruwz{} #127
2087"#$%&0235689?@ACGKMOPQSUVWX^abcdgmpvwxy #127
2291#$%&()*,/2345689;@ACDKMOPQRSVWXYZ\^abdfgpsvwz{}~ #127
2568"#$%&'459@ABCDGKMQRSVWYZ^acgkmprswxy #127
26113#$%&*02679?@ACDGKNRSVWXZabcdegjkopqsxyz #127
27103$%&()*/02345679<>?@ABCDGJKMOQRSVWXZ\`acdegopstvwyz{ #127
28188#$%&()/0235689<>?@ABCDGJKMNOPQRSUVWXYZ\^`abcdeghkopqstuvwxyz{} #127
30212"$%&'(),/123456789;<>?@ABCGKMNQRSUVWXYZ\^abdfghmnpqrsuvwyz{}~ #127
313138!"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_`abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz{|}~ #127

font file: size 11 kB, last modified 2021-03-16, download
version 1.1
version 1.2
tags: white, ttf

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Discussion to the font

2021-02-03 16:26:34 0admin

I added this font among the first bunch, and at that time I included only basic English letters. But recently (but still before the talks about the new format) I deviced meself a newer tool that includes some diacrititical/int'l characters (in this case with codes 0x80 .. 0xAF in this char table above). I'll run the font through it once again and add more international chars to it.

P.S. Added as ?font=ari14a

2021-02-03 14:23:19 1Joe Strout

I'm glad you included it, and it's exactly what I needed! With the adjustments it now looks very close to the original. Thank you!

Once we have the v1.2 format worked out, I will probably convert and submit some additional fonts like this. They're super useful in contexts like Mini Micro which do not support scalable fonts.

2021-02-03 00:38:59 1admin

Btw. this font is converted from the original TTF file. I'm not quite sure of including these here at all, to be honest - don't see much of a reason of keeping them in this form (inferior in comparison). The main point of the BMF format is in typography of pixelated chars.

2021-02-03 00:28:17 1admin

@Joe: It's the ordinary Arial. I adjusted chars you mentioned a pixel here and there. Hopefully, it's closer to how it usually renders (it's hard to get it all right).

2021-02-02 23:02:14 1Joe Strout

This font is pretty great, but it needs a little tweaking.

I feel like the space is a bit wider than it should be. Also the punctuation (comma, period, exclamation point) are all a little too close to the previous letter.

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