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General discussion to the website. Please, keep it to the point, within laws, and be kind. Thank you.

2021-08-03 19:55:15 0EdwardGlode


2021-07-31 03:32:32 0eyehiz

hello, how can i solve this problem with this page showing? eye

2021-07-25 11:55:55 0lox

Hi guys!

2021-06-04 21:52:33 1admin

I added two tags recently:
- ?tag=incomplete-alphabet tags fonts with incomplete alphabet, i.e. at least one of the A...Z letters missing.
- ?tag=non-latin tags fonts not having lating letters A...Z (alien languages, runes, international pronouncing letters, etc.)

2021-06-01 00:12:31 1admin

In May 2021, there were 295 fonts added and we had 180k views and 81k downloads (most so far).

2021-05-17 13:25:54 1admin

I'm making some minor changes - trying to comply with strict CSP (Content Security Policy); will be glad if in case of any error or non-functionality you report it here.

2021-04-29 00:51:13 0admin

@Blawnode: Hello again and thanks once again for taking interest in implementing this format.
I'd like to help you fix whatever problem or bug you seem to have with loading the fonts here but I cannot simulate the error you are describing.
This is what I get if I download ?font=contra and display it "as is" in hexadecimal mode -
(displayed in Total Commander for Win32 platform)
Do you get a different result? If so, please, post it.
Also, what do you use (tool / editor / programming language) to load the file format?
I'm thinking what the problem could be:
- I thought of Unicode's BOM but the initial bytes have ASCII codes like 0xFF or 0xFE so it doesn't seem likely
- mismatch of Little-Endian and Big-Endian loading of words longer than 8 bits (though, it would just shuffle the bytes - while you get bytes with completely different ASCII codes…)
- some issues with conversion from UTF-8/binary to a specific 8-bit character set - this seems most likely to me - curious to see how exactly you access the file in your approach.
Depending on what programming language you use, maybe you can take a look at ?page=support on some free libraries/tools in Pascal/C/PHP that have source code of loading the format.

2021-04-28 23:12:34 1Blawnode

After downloading the 1.1 version of the contra font, I can confirm the file I downloaded is still the same, and started with 0xD791D796, and then 0xD7, in contradiction to what should be.

2021-04-28 23:09:41 1Blawnode

Oh hey, I am back :D
I appreciate your reply a lot, admin!
I had expected that the version, according to the format, had to be 0x11 (11h). Any idea why the 5th byte at the contra font is D7h, instead of 11h?

"I downloaded the ?font=contra and ?font=4x5_64x30 fonts and looked at it in hexadecimal mode but couldn't find any occurences of 0xD7 or 0xA9."
I'm certain that the contra font has these bytes. At bytes 9 and A. How odd..

"The header is not 7 bytes long, it is 4 bytes long. As the ?page=format says, first four bytes is the constant 32-bit word representing the header..."
That is very weird. The contra file starts with 0xD791D796, unlike what it should be. What happened there?

"the 5th byte (or offset 4) is the font version, 6th byte (offset 5) is lineHeight and 7th byte (offset 6) is the sizeOver variable."
This here was very important for me to understand. Thanks a lot! :D

Could it be... the font I downloaded and the contra font you downloaded are different? I'll attempt to download the contra font again, and update you here.

2021-04-27 22:24:43 1admin

I've finally written a one-click "delete the spam and ban its IP address" function into my admin. May become handy.
Also, some more (mild) milestones:
4800+ fonts, 2500+ monospaced, 2200+ proportional
1.2M total views
11K total tags, 4.1K general tags, 5.1K external links (avg 1.07 per font)
800+ artist attributions
at least 36 fonts per letter/digit

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