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This site gathers bitmap/bytemap fonts, saved and extracted mostly from games and demoscene, drawn and pixelated by various graphicians and artists, lost and forgotten in time.

You can find hundreds of those fonts here, either as pictures or, better yet, in a file format that allows basic (macro)typography.

Feel free to browse the list, filtered either by initial letter of the font name (above right) or more specifically (via form above, left).

In closer look

A font is a set of characters. Bitmap is a map of bits (picture). A bitmap font is a set of pictures as its proprietary characters.

We can further distinguish pixelated/image fonts with just two colours (black or white, foreground or background) and fonts drawn with more than one colour. Let's call these bytemap fonts.

The fonts published here are of several origins:

  • pictures gathered by Daniel Guldkrans
  • font art from the archive of Carsten Cumbrowski
  • bytemap fonts of the 8-bit scene – mostly Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum
  • bytemap fonts of the 16-bit scene – mostly Atari ST and Amiga
  • other fonts from various sources (old demos, intros, etc.) converted by me

Wherever I could get a grip of the name of the author, I mentioned them in the file description. A lot of these fonts are many years old, some even decades. Font that were part of some games are now so called abandonware. I'm going to assume in good faith that all bitmap fonts shown here are freeware.

If you happen to be an author of a certain font presented here that you do not wish to be available, then feel free to contact me and I will make quick amendments to remove it from this website.

Similarly, if you happen to find an error in the description of any font, please, tell me what to fix in the discussion below each font.

Thanks in advance!

What's in it for me?

Let this site be helpful to you if:

  • you are a graphic designer seeking for some cool bitmap fonts
  • you are a programmer and would like to implement the BMF file-format
  • you'd like to have a pic of your text drawn by one of the fonts


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